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"A must-read for everyone involved or wants to get involved in Internet business as it touches every aspect of digital Marketing..”  Alicia Lyttle
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“Very insightful, straight to the point and the writer Dr. Ope Banwo hit the nail on the head. I was amazed with the kind of information I saw when I was going through it . It’s a ‘Must-Have’ for any serious marketer”
Daven Michaels, Ceo,
“I have read his new book and can confidently tell you this Book is mind-blowing and an eye opener. Its a must read for everyone who is involved or wants to get involved in Internet business as it touches every aspect of Internet Marketing..” Alicia Lyttle, Alicia & Lorette
"To the newbie its a must have, to the guru wanna be its a daily companion, to the guru its an indispensable guide. Get it for FREE now before the doctor wakes up from his sleep and realize he is empowering his competitors”  Willie Crawford, Trade City Ambassador
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"The Netpreneur Manifesto was an online game-changer for me. It contained practically every thing i needed to understand how to start making money online without paying through my nose or fumbling around. The huge section on profitable niches on the internet that helped me make my first $1,340 online" - YURIDIA CORTES,
Columbus, OH. USA
"The Manifesto was the game changer i needed after struggling for so many years and I consider it the best product from Dr Ope Banwo. Not only did it finally solve the mystery of internet marketing for me, it also showed me the blueprint I used to make my first $2,000 online and have not to looked back since 
Lagos. Nigeria
"But after going through the over 168 pages of no-fluff, pure content and training in what it takes to succeed online, I am convinced this is where any serious internet marketer needs to start if they really want to make money online. One of the chapters in The Manifesto led to my first $250 day on the internet"
Houston, Texas. USA 
Inside Of This FREE BOOK, Here Are A Few Things That You'll Learn About Digital Marketing Success ...

  • Blueprint for creating your own internet product for your business: I’ve earned more than $800,000 in the last year. I’ll share with you different online businesses you can invest in, and give you suggestions to help you achieve and succeed as a Netpreneur!
  • The Goldmines of opportunity available to the New Netpreneur:
  • I’ve always lived in the USA all my life, and I’d always thought that internet marketing works only there.
  • EXCLUSIVE access to my most closely guarded online marketing secrets, shortcuts, strategies, systems, test results, tools and resources that I can't share outside to just anyone. I’m going to reveal it all—for FREE in this newly released product.
  • Check-list for starting a successful internet business :
  • I know you’ve been trying to earn money online or tried to put your offline business online for some time now and you're clearly disappointed. You know you could be doing a whole lot better. Obviously the skills are within your reach. You could be doing better.
  • It's just that you’re doing it the wrong way, and you need someone who has passed through what you’re currently going through and succeeded to guide you through.
  •  In the NETPRENEUR MANIFESTO, I’m going to reveal several online businesses that you can even start without a dime (though few of them require small start-up capital) profitable as you had imagined. Even you may doubt if they ever will be.
  • Where to find high profile JV Partners and how to easily SWEET-TALK them into promoting your product: In less than my 6 months online, I was able to have top IM experts like Willie Crawford, Alynn Cutts, Louis Brown, Daven Michaels, and Tim R. Johnson promote my product to their list. I couldn’t believe it worked! I will show you how this can become a reality even in your business if you do as I say in this newly released product
  • List of over 45 payment gateways you can use for your internet business : I found out that most Nigerians are discouraged because of their inability to get a payment solution company to do online business. I’ll list over 45 reputable payment firms that you can do online business with RIGHT HERE in Nigeria
  • How to write your way to financial freedom: I’m also going to show you how to earn a $1,000 monthly writing from home. That’s about N150,000. Which Nigerian firm can pay you that as a new graduate or undergraduate?
  • EXCLUSIVE, cost effective ways to market your product and services on the Internet: I’ll show you how to advertize your product and services to MILLIONS of customers all around the world, rather than stop limit yourself to fliers that just don’t work.
  • I recently met a 21 year old guy who makes good money advertizing lands to prospective customers on Facebook. This can only be possible with the power of the internet. In the NETPRENEUR MANIFESTO, I’ll show you EXACTLY how to market your business effectively on the internet
  • And so much, more…
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"Dr Ope Banwo is a clear trailblazer in internet marketing education. Unlike many other successful gurus, He freely shares what has worked for him and what has not. His Products are must-have" 
-Stephen Akintayo, Ceo, GText Media Group
"Dr Ope continues to amaze me with his depth of knowledge and passion to help others achieve breakthrough online without stress or spending a fortune. His explosive growth in the industry has been a delight to watch" - Lonnie Robinson, 
"Dr Ope is a passionate Wealth Apostle and committed to helping newbies and veterans understand the fundamentals of internet marketing" - Daven Michaels, Ceo,
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The Book itself is Free. The little shipping and handling fee is to ship a PRINTED COPY direct to your door-step ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD within a few days.

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Well, there are actually a few reasons... 

1. This is a sincere appreciation for my subscribers, and those who have patronized some of my great products, all over the world. Many of them have asked for some of my printed materials. Truth is, this book retails for right now for $27.99. You can check it out on Amazon to see I am really giving away true value here.

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These digital income streams do not even include my regular income from my Law Firm,, based in the USA, where we do millions of dollars in legal fees every year. It really doesn't hurt me much to share some of my best stuff for free, since I am also a big believer in giving-back.

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